Monthly Archives: October 2013

Now podcasting…

Apropos of nothing, here begins my podcasting series Music For Small Audiences.

As an irregular series, Music For Small Audiences is an ongoing journey through some of the music that I have enjoyed listening to and playing for others over the years. The title gives away the game in that this is music for living rooms, cars, and headphones. While I paid my dues (and sometimes my rent) as a progressive house and trance DJ, the sounds you’ll hear here are broader than that, covering found sounds, ambient, techno, trip hop, nu disco, and more. This of course alongside the groove-driven melodic style I’ve based my sound around in recent years. Light on vocals, long on meaning.

If none of this makes any sense to you don’t worry – just give things a listen and you’ll figure out pretty quickly whether we’re on the same page or not. Each person’s musical taste is unique, and describing music in words is a pretty inexact science, to put it mildly.

It’s available via iTunes by clicking here, or you prefer you can click on the title of each entry above and download or stream straight from this website.┬áIf you like what you hear, subscribe! New mixes will be added regularly.