MFSA002: The Heater Is On Wheels

Episode 002 of Music For Small Audiences is called “The Heater Is On Wheels”. It is just under two hours in length, and while it covers plenty of ground in terms of tempo and energy level, it’s underpinned throughout by warm and creatively tuned melodies and expressive grooves.

September 2013 - Adelaide Weekend 091 (Custom)

I have always enjoyed the interplay between electronic and acoustic instruments, and particularly the less-than-perfect timing and tuning that any ‘real’ instrument has as a result of its real-ness. To me, some of the real creativity in electronic music production is found in creatively modulating pitch and groove in a manner similar to that which one might expect to hear from an acoustic instrument. Rather than being stifled by rhythms locked down to millisecond-perfect grids and tuning left pitch-perfect to the exact cent, the songs in this mix breathe and wander, combining both the warmth of real instruments and the precision of modern technology. Mixed live on a cold southern spring evening, this mix should bring a warm change to your ears whatever your weather.

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