MFSA013: The Romance Of The Telescope

March 2014 - Pre Prydz and F1 Airshow 298-2Some things in life get more interesting the further away you get from them. Other things move so quickly that if you blink you can miss them. Perspective is everything – and while we all view the world through our own unique lenses, I think most would agree that there is an exciting and ephemeral magic in getting up close and personal with a fast-moving thing, be it a bird, plane, or person. Fleeting moments strung together make a story – and as a recently reformed dynamic duo once observed, tricky time never slows. This mix is for those who use repetitive melodic music the way I do, to freeze time and crawl into a moment from a distance. It is called The Romance Of The Telescope, and it is Episode 013 of Music For Small Audiences.

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