MFSA028: In Defence Of Earplugs

1400MFSA028CoverUrban living and travel means noise is never far away – and while we cant close our ears as easily as we can close our eyes, we can still find pockets of silence through mechanical means when we have the right equipment. My favourite earbuds block out so much ambient noise that I can have the volume on nearly zero even in a crowded city street. This lends an air of surreality to the surroundings, as if I have injected a soundtrack into a silent film.

And when sleep is needed on a school-night, there are few things as reassuring of rest as sliding in a couple of bright orange industrial earplugs and killing the lights as soon as the sun has set. Sometimes its OK not to know what the neighbours are up to.

There are more than a few moments of silence in this live mix. At just over three hours long, it is intended to provide an evolving and emotive soundtrack for your own silent movie, whatever your sound source.

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