MFSA023: Love In Traffic

LoveInTrafficCover (Custom)What is it about being stuck in a sea of traffic that puts us on edge? Is it the uncertainty of the stop-and-start? The inability to control the actions of others? The paradox of being alone in a crowd? From The Spoons to Satoshi Tomiie, musicians have long seen parallels between romance and gridlock, and so I hope you will forgive me for again pointing them out. One thing I will say, whether you are in love, in traffic, or in both, good music does seem to ease the angst when things start to jam up. Recorded on a day when companions on two continents both found themselves trapped in traffic, this mix is an easy detour through some of the music that I have been digging in recent weeks. Whichever side of the road you drive on keep it rubber side down, and may all your lights be green.

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