MFSA030: The Only Way Out Is The Only Way In

MFSA030Cover (Custom)It has been said that just as art is used to decorate space, music is used to decorate time. Having just moved into a new place in Richmond six weeks ago, I am surrounded by a number of undecorated walls, with frames leaning up against the walls in proposed locations. We have yet to get up the courage to take hammer and nail to wall, but I suspect the time is coming soon.

Thankfully we have not been as delayed in setting up our sound system. As such, Episode 030 of MFSA is the first mix recorded in the new place. Recorded at a time of year when those here in the southern hemisphere are feeling the chill of autumn while those in the northern hemisphere are yet to fully feel the warmth of the summer, it has a bit of a cool weather theme happening. (DA in Dubai and J+S in India, you may need to sit in front of an air conditioner!)


  1. hi matthew
    streeming your service on your web site is no longer running. One can there by no longer mix of servant side listen or download ..
    thanks for the cool side & music
    greetings from berlin germany
    by by


    1. Hi Frank – a setting must have changed with a recent server update. Should be all fixed now, let me know if it still doesn’t work.

      Thanks for the positive vibes – and greetings from Melbourne Australia!

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