MFSA036: Find The Time

MFSA036CoverSpring has finally arrived here in Melbourne. In fact, with temperatures forecast to rise above 35C in the coming days you could say that we have bypassed spring entirely and headed straight into summer. With the warmer weather comes the inclination to head out to the beach, and spend less time indoors.

I recently shared lunch with my good friend Marsh in Flagstaff Gardens, a lovely inner city park. We talked through how we find it hard to spend as much time as we might like working on our music. As a part of that conversation, we talked through how finding the time to do things is really about priorities.

In both our professional lives and our personal lives, there is never enough time to tick off everything on the extended to-do list – and so prioritisation becomes about trying to leave the right things undone. We may not have time to do everything we want, but as long as we can say we did what we felt was best at the time, then we should be at peace with the things we never got around to.

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